Founded in 1914, the R E Olds Foundation is the oldest family/private foundation in the state of Michigan. It began as the Ransom Fidelity Company by R. E. Olds, the automotive  pioneer who founded Olds Motor Works and REO Motorcar Company , for his growing philanthropic endeavors in his home of Lansing, Michigan as well as globally. In 2004, it was renamed the R E Olds Foundation, by the fourth generation of family members.  The foundation continues to reflect the philanthropic ideals of Ransom Eli Olds and maintain the family name for the tri-county region in Michigan.

Mission Statement: The R.E.Olds Foundation is committed to the Greater Lansing community through the support of community-based education programs, focusing on youth and families, access to health care, animal welfare, and environment issues.

Grantmaking Guidelines

  • Grants are made to 501(c)(3) organizations in the Greater Lansing, Michigan area.
  • Typical grants range up to $10,000.
  • We offer challenge grants to encourage nonprofits to broaden and strengthen their fundraising.
  • Due to the enormous needs and limited funds, grant support focuses on community-based education programs that benefit children and families, access to family health care, animal welfare, and environmental issues.
  • We generally do not supply building or endowment funding, college scholarships, or individual aid.
  • Proposals are accepted at any time with most decisions made within 90 days.